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Share Finance Group - is an innovative technology company focused on buying off-the-shelf developments in artificial intelligence, smart homes and other smart IT technologies.

We create the best smart equipment for the homes of the future! Everyone who values their comfort and cares about their family's future comes to us.

Join us in the development together with Share Finance Group!

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Touch the future
with Share Finance Comfort technologies

Advantages Share Finance Group

What does it get
each partner of the company?


Affiliate programme. Our strategy - is to offer maximum return to each partner through our 5-level MLM system.


Binary system. Earn even more with unique binary marketing from 6% bonuses.


Passive income. Earn dividends 24/7 with our reliable and flexible technology case constructor system.

24/7 Support. Round-the-clock support 7 days a week to resolve any issue within the company as quickly as possible.

Partner bonuses. Get the best conditions for fast development with our "Quick Start" and "AutoInvest" programmes.

Career, gifts and bonuses. Advance your career and receive generous bonuses, gifts and other benefits from achieving career ranks.

Case Builder. Create your dream investment portfolio with the Case constructor.

Legality and reliability. Official registration in England and legal agreements ensure full transparency and security of cooperation between the company and each partner.

Management publicity. An open, public company head with years of experience in engineering and IT.

Internationality of the company. The company operates in dozens of countries and information resources are constantly being translated into new languages.

Promotions and bonuses Share Finance Group

Touch the future
with Share Finance Comfort technologies


There were many challenges on the way to becoming a Share Finance Group, from searching for talent and innovation to the legal formalisation of intellectual property transfers. Today, however, all of them have been successfully resolved and a stable, self-sustaining system of profit generation has been established.

The worldwide demand for innovation has reached the highest level. And we are one of the largest companies closing it. We offer innovative tools to optimise business processes, enabling them to earn more.

Private customers note the high automation and increased comfort of life with smart home products. With the trend towards a constantly evolving society, the need for comfort will only increase.

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Share Finance Group — — a new format company in the smart technology market

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