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Share Finance Group

Share Finance Group - is an innovative technology company focused on buying off-the-shelf developments in artificial intelligence, smart homes and other smart IT technologies.

Our experts search for the most promising projects on the market and do not just finance their work, but fully buy out all rights and patents to further improve and combine the technologies in the Share Finance Group eco-system. This approach makes it possible to receive all 100% of the revenues from a product or software once it is launched for sale.

The second segment of the business - is the direct creation of the actual product on the basis of purchased developments. Manufacturing is done by partner factories, while we concentrate on selling products in Europe.

We create the best smart equipment for the homes of the future! Everyone who values their comfort and cares about their family's future comes to us.

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Oliver Coleman

Management Team

President and Founder
Oliver Coleman

Oliver Coleman is an expert in the construction of trade networks and promotion of innovative product on the market. Even today he is personally engaged in attracting new big clients, who recommend the company and become brand ambassadors.

Touch the future
with the help of Share Finance Comfort technologies


Purpose. To become the world's No.1 company in the smart technology market, in 5 years.


Mission. Comfortable, eco-friendly, safe, affordable and " smart " housing for every family in the world!


Values. Comfortable collaboration and mutual understanding with each partner!


Philosophy. Creation and development of innovative technologies, support for staff and partners, customer focus, and promotion of the product with the help of mlm networks.

Registration of company

Share Finance Group LTD is officially registered in UK, London, and has all required SIC codes to conduct its business activities.

Details of the company registration can be found on the public register of companies in the UK

CN: 13608846
SC: 754.000 £ (GBP)
Registered address: 85, Great Portland Street, London, England, W1W 7LT
Telephone number: +442045773388


Top management of the company

Share Finance Group


Alvin Boyd

Head of technical department and core specialist in products and technology at Share Finance Group


Karen Chapman

Head of Finance. Develops and implements Share Finance Group's financial strategy.


Olivia Clarke

Head of Analytics. Plans, organizes and oversees the company as a whole.


Peter Hood

Head of Support. The main task - is to take care of any questions users might have about the operation of our products.