Share Finance Group LTD warns all its users that start-ups based on the company's innovative technologies and developments do not have a 100% guarantee of success. And all the results and merit the company has gained from its projects in the past do not guarantee similar success in future.

By starting a partnership with Share Finance Group LTD, every user should understand that they are making a voluntary and conscious contribution (not an investment) to the design and development of innovative products in the field of artificial intelligence and smart technology. By becoming a partner of the company, users fully understand all the risks of failed developments and accept all the financial responsibility that may follow.

In return, the Share Finance Group provides its partners with

After the development and launch of the main products, Share Finance Group has no plans to go for an IPO. In order to retain full control of the company, its development and growth vector, it was decided to develop according to the network marketing model. Each partner will have the opportunity to build their network and be rewarded for each level of work. Everyone can join the lucrative international business today.

Share Finance Group management makes the best efforts to make people's lives more comfortable and convenient, and to create a world in which the smart technology will surround and help everyone. The company makes innovative technologies and developments available to everyone and helps its partners to earn on it up to 1000% per annum. Jointly, we will make the dream a reality!